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scandal surrounding the Cosimo-Djamila accompaniment Anger Yvonne Woelke

scandal surrounding the Cosimo-Djamila accompaniment Anger Yvonne Woelke Although jungle camp 2023 is over, the problems persist. The drama involving Peter Klein, Yvonne Woelke, and Iris Klein is currently occupying the campers as well because they are now fully aware of it and have had the opportunity to form an opinion about the entire drama.

According to a report by ” Bild “, Yvonne and Cosimo Citiolo collided in an Australian hotel. The explanation is that Iris Klein allegedly received information from the hotel through Cosimo. She expressed gratitude to Instagram and described Cosimo as “such a great person”.

Yvonne Woelke angry

On Instagram, Cosimo publicly showed his support for Iris. “Consider the future, and disregard those who primarily want you to fail. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed, “In his story, he wrote. Yvonne is now blaming the performer.

Yvonne voiced her complaints about recent treatment in her Instagram story. “People who have no idea what happened outside of this area attack you. And I find it incredibly sad that some people are so hostile that they jump on you “reports her followers.

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